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Побочные эффекты и осложнения лазерного фракционного фототермолиза: ретроспективное исследование результатов 961 сеанса лечения.

Эмми М. Грабер с соавторами. Dermatol Surg 2008; 34:301–307


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Side Effects and Complications of Fractional Laser Photothermolysis: Experience with 961 Treatments
Emmy M. Graber, MD, Elizabeth L. Tanzi, MD, and Tina S. Alster, MD
BACKGROUND A novel 1,550-nm erbium-doped laser (Fraxel, Reliant Technologies Inc.) has been shown to be effective in  the treatment of photodamaged skin and scars with minimal postoperative recovery; however, studies evaluating its  side effects and complication rates have been limited PURPOSE The purpose was to determine the frequency and range  of side effects and complications associated with fractional photothermolysis treatment. METHODS A retrospective  evaluation of 961 successive 1,550-nm erbium-doped laser treatments in patients of various skin phototypes (I–V) was  conducted in a single center. Side effects and complications of treatment, including time of onset and duration,  were identified and tabulated. Patient demographics and laser parameters were also assessed. RESULTS Seventy-three  treatments (7.6%) resulted in development of complications. The most frequent complications were acneiform eruptions  (1.87%) and herpes simplex virus outbreaks (1.77%). Side effects and complications were equally distributed across  different ages, skin types, body locations, laser parameters, and underlying skin conditions, except for postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, which occurred with increased frequency in patients with darker skin phototypes.  CONCLUSIONS Fractional laser skin treatment is associated with a relatively low complication rate. Side effects and  complications observed in this study were temporary and did not result in long-term or significantly severe sequelae  (e.g., scarring).


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